December 7, 2020: Tokenized BTC (renBTC + sBTC) enjoy whale love ❤️🐋 + Compound airdrop proposal

Keep Ahead of the Curve

Here are today’s trends to watch from Curve Market Cap:

  • The sharp whale activity in the BTC markets splashed over into Curve pools, as tokenized BTC pools saw major action this weekend.

  • renBTC saw a massive $3MM move that generated over $1K in fees, although in real terms this represents a mere 0.28% APY. sBTC and renBTC has combined for over $5MM in total volume the past 24 hours alone.

  • Compound is weighing a proposal to airdrop $COMP to early users. The Compound pool has seen $2.7MM in daily volume and a fairly steady 3.85% APY.