July 2, 2021: We're Number One 🎆🥇

Crypto is Flippening: Curve tops DeFi Llama, ETH activity passes BTC

This weekend it won’t just be Americans chanting “We’re Number One”

Those who ignore Curve? #NGMI! (#NFA)

The future being architected on Curve is an exciting place.

Twitter avatar for @cryptobonaparteCrypto Bonaparte 🦅 @cryptobonaparte
“The full release will be based on
curve.fi’s crypto pools, to allow for a decentralized forex market.” andrecronje.medium.com/introducing-fi… Decentralized forex built on the back of $CRV.

Crypto Bonaparte 🦅 @cryptobonaparte

$CRV is a concentrated bet on decentralized forex, cryptodollarization, crypto yield and an autonomous revenue generating machine.
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andrecronje.medium.com/introducing-fi… . the god of defi is realizing my dream about curve as the de facto decentralized forex market. based asf 🔥. $CRV Image

Around the rest of the crypto space, plenty more reasons to celebrate. Eth-heads can celebrate several flippenings versus Bitcoin.

UDSC can celebrate flippening USDT in DeFi

This weekend some Americans who use Curve may be celebrating July 4th as Financial Independence Day.

What we really need is a marker for when to officially declare Crypto Independence Day: the date when DAOs flippen governments.

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