July 4, 2021: CityDAO on a Hill 🌃🇺🇸

Wyoming's first city governed by a DAO is closer than you think

As America celebrates Independence Day, we offer a glimpse at the future of governance.

Wyoming recently passed the first bill to allow DAOs to be legally recognized. Sure enough, the CityDAO group spearheaded by Scott Fitsimones has already accepted the challenge.

The team put together a white paper describing the high level process of tokenizing the land.

The town will also be governed similar to a DAO.

The team is already hunting for suitable land, ideally land that has value for both recreation and cryptocurrency mining using Wyoming’s abundant wind energy. Much of the thought behind land selection adheres to this prior article about decentralized cities. The real estate team is crowdsourcing land options.

Wyoming is a beautiful state, with rich people already helicoptering into tourist hubs to enjoy the natural beauty. The crypto rich deserve their own Jackson Hole.

Will it succeed? Every other government on the planet is run by numbskulls yet still manages to function, so how hard can governing actually be?

Whatever direction the new cryptopia chooses to steer itself towards, DAOs have already shown themselves to have incredible organizational capacity. Naysayers will no doubt be ready to cast a spotlight on every flaw, so we’d encourage people to watch for the mechanisms of rapid self-corrections as the project inevitably hits bumps. If this indeed proves to be a superior form of city management, this prototype will no doubt spread rapidly.

As you might expect from a cryptocurrency inspired city, the project is organizing itself in realtime using Discord. Joining up to follow the discussion is like being a fly on the wall at the First Continental Congress. Join up and help shape the future:

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