Oct. 18, 2021: The Bribening 🤝💱

Votium bribes to $CVX stakers accelerate

Wew, lads and ladettes…

Just a few weeks ago Votium followers were excited about the prospect of a second comma. This week it’s already about $2MM in incentives to influence the Convex vote. It’s getting wild.

If you’re wondering why people are so excited about bribes, note that these don’t necessarily go to Washington DC, like bribery 1.0. These bribes go to Convex stakers, who are enjoying making it.

What to do at the citadel but sit around and marvel at the Curve flywheel.

If you’d like to join the fun, this video tutorial of Votium can properly be described as a Magnum’s opus:

Notable bribes include $SPELL. The $SPELL team is reducing most bribes, except for the ones that work.

Badgers getting their paws dirty saving wrapped Bitcoin:

Alchemix did a 3x:

Even the cvxCRV / CRV factory pool is in the game:

Pools that are not playing the bribe game are starting to feel the heat.

I wonder… what’s the market cap of this magical token that just rakes?

Read Disclaimers. Author is a $CRV/$CVX maxi, has small bags of $MIM/$SPELL, $LDO, $ALCX.