Oct. 5, 2021: Ava-LAUNCH 🏂🚀

Curve Deploys on Avalanche ($AVAX)

Just over a month after Avalanche Rush was announced, Curve has started rolling out onto the chain.

The launch includes a 3pool for AAVE tokens, a wrapped Bitcoin pool, and Curve’s famous TriCrypto. Although aping is functional, it remains a work in progress. Rewards, for instance, do not look to be fully hooked up.

With Avalanche committing millions of dollars into rewards through their Avalanche Rush campaign, you can understand why fans are excited and speculators are fighting to get in early.

While it’s great news for Curve, the biggest impact looks to be on the Avalanche chain itself. Over the past month since the Avalanche Rush announcement, the graph of Avalanche’s TVL is getting so steep it’s starting to itself become an avalanche risk.

Avalanche is now the 6th largest blockchain per DeFiLlama, just behind Polygon and just ahead of Fantom.

The success is a credit to the gradually, then suddenly nature of so much hard work.

The top projects in the space have also matured considerably. A month back the chain was dominated by Pangolin finance.

Since this time, a number of protocols have reached a billion locked, including BenQi, an algorithmic liquidity market protocol, and Trader Joe, a well-fed decentralized trading platform.

Also participating in Avalanche Rush, Aave had a monster launch, quickly gaining over $1B in volume locked.

One notable player is missing from the action though. As regular users started to make their way to Avalanche, turbo-dumper Alameda sprayed ink and quickly fled the scene.

Video watchers interested in the chain may enjoy the following tutorial on interacting with Avalanche:

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