Sept. 10, 2021: $CRV Hotspots

So many strategies, so little supply

Curve dominance across the DeFi ecosystem is unparalleled. Curve nodded at this directly in their screenshot of ParaSwap routing trades most efficiently through TriCrypto2. It’s an impressive achievement for this cutting edge technology to break through so quickly.

Unsurprisingly, everybody wants to get their hands on that sweet, sweet $CRV. If you’re looking to do something with your $CRV, you have so many choices. Many suitors are lining up for your $CRV. Here are possible destinations for you to research.


Of course the Curve-Convex symbiosis is stunningly successful at attracting $CRV through their heavy incentives for staking Curve.

No surprise that Convex has accumulated so much veCRV as to give their new Votium protocol the largest voting interest in Curve.

Among other recent updates to their protocol, Convex has also bumped incentives on their CVX/ETH Sushi pool:

Thanks to the close relationship between Curve and Convex, it’s now quite common to see $CRV rewards elsewhere also come with a sprinkling of the scarce $CVX token.

CRV/cvxCRV Factory Pool

The rise of the decentralized Curve Factory is reinforcing the two way street between $CRV and Convex’s $cvxCRV equivalent. Since launching the $cvxCRV token has hovered fairly close to its peg. The existence of the CRV/cvxCRV Factory Pool 22 has become ground zero for this pair.

Over the past 24 hours the pool saw $1MM worth of volume. The pool is also now receiving $CRV rewards.

These trading fees and rewards are popping the pool to the top of the Curve charts.

This could open up potentially advanced DeFi trading strategies.


Just as Convex cornered Curve voting supply, Badger is looking to corner Convex.

Check out the possibilities.


MIM is dumping money into Curve bribes, and it’s paying off. Suddenly we see the emergence of a MIM flywheel.


Harvest is getting in on the action, pushing $CRV and $CVX + $FARM rewards.


Or you can look off-chain. Polygon recently joined the Curve bribe game.

So many great Curve strategies emerging, we surely missed some plays. Let us know in the comments if you’re using any of these strategies or if there are others you prefer.

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