July 30, 2021: EURO-nly Young Once 💶🇪🇺

New Tether Euro ($EURt) now live on Curve

After focusing on America for most of the week, we turn to a big splash from across the pond. The Tether Euro pool is now live on Curve.

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So you may have noticed that EURT pool is up
curve.fi/eurt/ In addition to just being a pool, it allows for cross-asset swaps to EURT (using @synthetix_io under the hood)

Tether @Tether_to

We are pleased to announce that @CurveFinance will support Euro-pegged Tether tokens (EURt) 🎉 The listing of #tether EURt pairs offer users additional options when looking for trading using euro, find out more about $EURt on #CurveFinance ⬇️ https://t.co/YzmRLtpZDx https://t.co/yZpgwbhK93

The prior Curve Euro pool was one of the most popular pools for earning rewards, currently sitting at second from the top with a 17.7% max boosted rewards APY. However for trading it was occasionally frustrating, as the Stasis Euro part of the trading pair had something called “trading hours.” You can’t spell Statis without Stasi…

Apparently in the boomer times, markets didn’t operate during certain hours. Wut? How? Why?

We can’t pretend to know much about life in Europe, but from what we read, their government is even more regressive than ours. Amazing there is so much crypto talent in Europe given their bottomless bureaucracy openly hostile to innovation.

We’re seeing the effects of Euro regulation on Binance, which is presently engaged in open hostility in so many countries, we’re technically in World War 3:

We also know that the American fad of accelerating money printing is also quite popular in the Euro-zone. Completely by coincidence, inflation is also rising in Europe. No word on if the Euro inflation is also “higher than originally expected” like over here.

Literally no human being alive was actually surprised by the recent spike in inflation, with the only exception being the small handful of experts who happen to be tasked with running our economy. Or maybe they also expected it and are really bad liars 🤔

A joyful thing about everybody running a printing party in unison is that it keeps exchange rates relatively constant. In fact, the Euro has gained ground against the US dollar over the past few years.

This is a tough pill to swallow, as the US dollar is our coin of choice among fiat currencies — the phrase “European Union” sounds too much like an oxymoron.

Nonetheless, we place fairly low value on fiat currencies relative to cryptocurrencies, so we have nothing but respect for the Euro bulls:

Once you’ve printed yourself some Euro Tethers, you can also do a lot with them. The coin is already supported by CREAM and Bitstamp among others.

With CREAM also talking about a fixed Forex product, and Curve looking at deploying more v2 pools, the Euro Tether is well timed. Users had long wanted more Euro stablecoin options. Should it take off, $EURt has a good chance to become the future of France, Europe and the world.

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