April 12, 2021: Touring the Curve Factory 🏭👷

Top Curve Factory Pools: Alchemix, TUSD, Ruler, FRAX

Curve nowadays is a firehose of exciting numbers with a lot of zeroes.

Let’s celebrate one more… Curve Pool Factory daily volume is above $10MM!

While still under 5% of Curve’s overall volume, the Curve Factory is where you can get a look at the future pools that may graduate to Curve’s beautiful frontend. It’s a great place to scoop alpha leaks as well. Fei pool?!?

Let’s take a quick look at the top pools in the Curve factory.

Top 5 Curve Factory Pools (balance)

Surely it’s no coincidence this data we scraped lines up almost 100% with the front page of https://crv.to/pool

1. Alchemix USD:

With nearly $40MM in balance locked, the overwhelming majority of the volume in the Curve Factory comes from the Alchemix pool. The Alchemix pool, profiled here by DefiLlama, offers loans that pay themselves back. Curve fits in quite neatly right into their ecosystem — you get your loan in alUSD, then pipe it through Curve to turn it into other dollar tokens that become boats or jets.

Alchemix is insanely hot right now. The team raised $5MM in March and have minted a quarter billion worth of $alUSD. A recent thread breaks down the Alchemix ecosystem in great detail:

2. TrueUSD

We’ve already seen TrueUSD, as it’s already made the jump to the Curve homepage, where it enjoys about $1MM in daily volume. The team is celebrating their recent launch on Tron.

3 + 4 : Ruler Protocol WETH / WBTC

Ruler protocol is another great lending platform with a variety of assets and no liquidation. It’s only about a month old and has already reached $100MM TVL.

The Ruler docs do a great job of explaining their protocol. In the case of these two Curve pools, they are DAI sourced from WETH and WBTC from loans set to expire at the end of April.


We also saw FRAX before, as it’s working its way through the Curve Governance. Whether or not it’s actually an algorithmically backed stablecoin sparked a fierce debate in our comments:

Whether it’s mostly man, bear, or pig, there’s over $100MM of it already printed, which has generated a lot of attention onto algorithmic stablecoins

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